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Making Carbon Sense Common

Have you ever wanted to be a climate conscious shopper, without breaking the bank, but didn't know where to start? We have got you covered.


We are a third-party vetted, economy-wide climate-conscious shopping platform. The only sustainability app you will ever need. 

And... it's free :)


So, What is Conscious?

Consciousness is Power 

You aren't to blame for climate change, but you can influence those who are.


Feeling hopeless about climate change? We get it. We can all make good decisions if we have good information. That's why we're here to close the CO2 information gap between consumers and producers. 

Conscious! is an app and Chrome extension that allows you to find the most sustainable options as you shop. Scan a product's barcode for it's carbon profile, search through our database of vetted products, or just shop online as you normally would and let our Chrome extension provide you with lower carbon alternatives. 

Your dollars have power.


Together, we can create enough bottom-up pressure from the product market to force corporations to consider the Earth. 


Our Mission


At Conscious!, our mission is to empower consumers by making CO2 emissions data accessible to the public. For far too long, it has been impossible to know what the CO2 footprint of specific products are. Our tools allow consumers to hold companies accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions by making it easy to choose climate conscious alternatives.  We know that every dollar is a vote for the kind of future we will have, and we want everyone to have very well-informed votes.

Our Team.

We are dedicated to making climate Conscious! consumption accessible to all human beings.

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You'll be the first to hear when we launch our app. 

Thank you! Let's solve the climate crisis together!


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